Previous Speakers


2016-2017 Lecturer: Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley


Lecture: “For the Texas Bama Femme: A Black Queer Femme-inist Reading of Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Seminar: “Ezili’s Mirrors: Black Queer Genders and the Work of the Imagination”

Professionalization Workshop: “Representation, Self-Care, and Academia”



2015-2016 Lecturer: Heather K. Love

portrait of heather love in front of a shelf of booksLecture: “A Queer Method?: Samuel Delany’s Empiricism and the History of Deviance Studies”

Seminar: “Small Change: Realism, Immanence, and The Politics of the Micro”

Professionalization Workshop: Working Across Disciplines: Nuts, Bolts”


2014-2015 Lecturer: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

Jeffrey Jerome Cohen pic

Lecture: “Drown”

Seminar: “Elemental Ecocriticism”

Professionalization Workshop: “Digital Identity Machines”


 2013-2014 Lecturer: Eric Hayot

eric hayot

Lecture: “Near Stars: Scale and the Nature of the Literary Object”

Seminar: “What Kind of Information Is Literature?”

Dr. Hayot’s most recent book: On Literary Worlds 



2012-2013 Lecturer: Rachel Adams

UnknownLecture: “Forbidden Intimacies: Sexuality and Intellectual Disability”

Seminar: “Memoir and Disability”

Dr. Adam’s most recent book: Raising Henry: a Memoir of Motherhood, Disability & Discovery


2011-2012 Lecturer: Sianne Ngai


Lecture: The Zany Science: Gender and Post-Fordist Performance

Seminar: Aesthetic Categories

Dr. Ngai’s most recent book: Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute, Interesting



 2010-11 Lecturer: Alexander Weheliye

Alexander Weheliye

Lecture: “Ideogrammatics as Physiognomy”

Seminar: “Without Comparison: W.E.B. Du Bois’s and Walter Benjamin’s Modernities”

Dr. Weheliye’s most recent book: Phonographies: Grooves in Sonic Afro-Modernity



2009-2010 Lecturer: Kirsten Silva Gruesz


Lecture: “Cotton Mather’s Spanish Lessons”

Dr. Gruesz’s most recent book:

Ambassadors of Culture: The Transamerican Origins of Latino Writing



 2008-2009 Lecturer: Joseph Slaughter


Lecture: “Pathetic Fallacies”

Seminar: “Literature and Humanitarianism”

Dr. Slaughter’s most recent book: Human Rights, Inc.: The World Novel, Narrative Form, and International Law



2007-2008 Lecturer: Stephen Greenblatt


Lecture: “The Strange Case of Shakespeare’s Cardenio

Dr. Greenblatt’s most recent book:

The Swerve: How the World Became Modern




2006-2007 Lecturer: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick


Lecture: “The Weather in Proust”

Dr. Sedgwick’s last published book:

Touching, Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity



2005-2006 Lecturer: Bruce Robbins


Lecture: “Where Stuff Comes From: Rhetorics of Transnational Connection”

Dr. Robbins’s most recent book:

Upward Mobility and the Common Good: Toward a Literary History of the Welfare State



2004-2005 Lecturer: Carl P. Eby


Lecture: “‘He Felt the Change so that It Hurt Him All Through’: Fetishism, Sodomy, and Transvestic Hallucination in Late Hemingway”

Dr. Eby’s most recent book:

Hemingway’s Fetishism: Psychoanalysis and the Mirror of Manhood